What is a CMC?

 A Certified Management Consultant (CMC) is obliged by law to comply with strict standards of competence, objectivity and ethical practices established and enforced by the Institute by authority of The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Manitoba Act (CCSM c. C47). The CMC is the profession’s only international certification mark recognized in nearly 50 countries. 

There are several important elements that describe a profession and the CMC has all of them:


Legally recognized designation

Common body of knowledge that is updated and peer reviewed

Repeatable processes and methodologies

Experience requirements

Formal evaluation of qualifications

Requirement for ongoing professional development

Code of conduct

Why is a CMC the right solution?

We are full-time management consultants that practice a higher level of management consulting each day. We are required to maintain high practice standards and attain a specific level of continuing professional development activity on an annual basis. This keeps us current, well-trained and better prepared to serve you. 

However, this designation alone doesn't guarantee success because there are so many factors that can impact a project. I can say with confidence that our professional requirements and experience can take away much of your anxiety about the performance improvement project being accomplished properly. 

How do I know this is true?

Ask a client or colleague about me. I have clients that have engaged me for several projects. I have other clients that have referred new clients to me. I value these relationships and the trust that has been placed with me.