Tim's Thursday Thoughts

Why Thursday?  Monday memos are a great way to start the week. Friday is the finish line. Thursday still has 40% of your work week left to accomplish some improved result. You can agree or disagree. I just want you to think about what this means for your business.

Winnipeg Free Press "Marketing Matters"


This is now a monthly column in the Winnipeg Free Press.


Editor’s Note: The Free Press is pleased to launch a new monthly column on marketing by Winnipegger Tim Kist. Tim is a Certified Management Consultant with more than two decades of experience in various marketing and sales leadership positions, where he led teams, launched products and services, suffered corporate bumps and bruises and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Tim’s column will run on the first Saturday of the month.





Weekly Musings - The Vault

Know your customer


I really admire Peter Drucker because he said big things simply.

In this case, knowing your customer is usually easier said than done. It takes hard work and continuous listening to what your customers are saying from all these available sources.

Today, with the explosion of social media options and other communication channels, customers have more ways to communicate and find out information. These sources can provide powerful insights or lead you to the wrong conclusion. 

Chico Marx once said "who you gonna trust? Me or your own eyes?" 

Don't believe just one source. Data is in many forms and you must trust the source to make reasonable decisions based on the data you have available. If your data is not representative, fullof duplicate or incomplete records, reliant on only one source of social media, then you will not likely be able to make the correct business decisions going forward. Knowing your customer first is the most important step to performance improvement.

There was a scorpion in my room


So I made scorpion pie. 

Yesterday is no different from any other day if you don't know how well your marketing works.  Wasting money unknowingly is like eating the worst pie in history.  The aftertaste might sting for awhile. 

A marketing audit lets you see exactly what's happening in every room. The aim of this understanding is to bring you clarity and confidence in your marketing activities. 

You have a choice.

Rest easy knowing your money is well spent or get ready to chow down on lousy scorpion pie. I will help you squash lousy marketing. 

Don't YELL!!!


Improve your argument. My wife said this because I have been known to raise my voice once in a while (sorry boys). This is a great lesson for leaders and the messaging companies use. If yelling is the only way you think people will hear you, you are wrong. People will tune out your message very quickly. Impactful speech and writing is needed. Say it out loud and listen for yourself. Honestly, would you listen and act on the message? If not, rewrite it. Or ask someone for assistance (I know a guy).


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Speaking and Writing


 Over the years I have been able to talk to various groups about a timely topic.  In some cases I have written about my experience or an opinion I have about a business topic.I have even provided the colour commentary on three (3) U of Manitoba Bisons football games. Here are some of the things published since 2017:

  • radio interview on August 11, 2018  http://bit.ly/2OtE5mf
  • radio interview on August 27, 2017 http://bit.ly/2xwlFHY    
  • radio interview on April 4, 2017: http://bit.ly/2uDCzVt
  • https://timmilesandco.com/sorry-no-decaf-guest-essay/