Welcome to TK3 Consulting

Welcome to TK3 ConsultingWelcome to TK3 ConsultingWelcome to TK3 Consulting

About Us

Who is Tim Kist?

I have a keen interest in human behaviour and performance of people and organizations. I began my consulting career right after completing my Bachelor of Commerce (Hon) degree. After nearly eight years I realized I needed to walk in the shoes of management to eventually become a better consultant. With twenty years in various marketing and sales leadership positions I led teams, launched new products and services, suffered corporate bumps and bruises and learned a lot of valuable lessons. Six years ago I started my own management consulting firm.  With each engagement I add something from clients and colleagues that can be applied to the next improvement opportunity. I have completed over 35 engagements in the past five years.

The Team

There are only so many things I am confident to deliver. I bring in CMC colleagues or other subject matter experts  to ensure delivery of what you need. We deliver performance improvement.

For example, in the past two years I have worked with other CMCs on four different performance improvement projects.

I Believe

  • people and companies need to build from their strengths and only prioritize weaknesses if they are debilitating
  • every client is unique
  • every client deserves my best work
  • my consulting and business experience enables me to understand the day-to-day challenges so my advice can be actionable
  • the requirements to maintain my CMC designation keep me focused on professional excellence
  • advisory services must make you better tomorrow than you were today
  • any report that sits on the shelf  without being activated wasn't worth the investment in time, money or people


Contact Us

Please complete the form as the first step to discuss your performance improvement project. The first one hour review session is no charge and will help us determine the fit to continue.

TK3 Consulting

2nd floor, 10 Manor Haven Drive, Winnipeg, MB. R2N 4H9

(204) 792-1559 tim@tk3consulting.ca