What is Management Consulting?

Advisory services provided to senior management that can affect a change or, ideally, a performance improvement within the organization. We need to have a trusting relationship to be able to achieve your goals.

Working as a contractor for you is not management consulting. 

Performance Improvement is the Focus

What does "performance improvement" really mean?

That depends on you. I don't know what areas of your organization are in need of review and adjustment. Therefore I am not going to prescribe anything specific at this point. Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

I will help uncover these blind spots and develop a plan of action so you can be better tomorrow than you are today.

Areas of performance improvement that I have provided to existing clients include:

  • marketing audit and strategy
  • sales audit and strategy
  • corporate strategy
  • leadership development and accountability
  • coaching

I have led strategy sessions, conducted workshops, used market research to uncover hidden insights, presented to senior government officials and corporate leaders, and spent time on the phones and with customers. Performance improvement, some to greater degrees than others, has always been achieved.

What is the TK3 Consulting Approach?

The project must be collaborative. I bring objectivity and focus. You bring commitment to implement. There are three main phases that provide the most effective results:

Review - we need to first identify what you are trying to improve and confirm this is in fact the right problem to be solved. You have blind spots (we all do) and an objective view can help uncover the blind spot

Refocus - This step is the strategy development to identify where performance can be improved. This is where the bulk of the work is completed to prepare your game plan for success

Recharge - you MUST ensure your employees understand how their role fits into the company mission and vision on a daily basis.  Without execution the strategy may fall flat and you will not address your performance opportunity. Great marketing begins at home.

Your Business Performance - We must get you better tomorrow than you are today. Creating a culture that understands what is necessary for success establishes the internal motivators and keeps the team moving forward together.

Every Engagement Begins With the Customer

There is a customer that pays you for your product or service.  Without them you do not exist. Once you are serving customers the most important person is your employee that serves your paying customer. If your employees (not your human capital) cannot deliver then your customers will leave. And then you are back to square one.

How can you begin any project without this understanding as the first step? I don't believe you can.

While I Don't Specialize in These Areas I can Introduce You to Other Experts

I am NOT going to:

  • give you some formulaic response and prescribe a solution until and unless I have accurately diagnosed the business problem that requires solving
  • conduct any detailed IT work, such as programming, because I am not a programmer. I know good programmers if this is what you need
  • conduct any detailed accounting work because I am not an accountant. I can recommend a good accountant if this is what you need
  • develop your complete ad campaign. There are wonderful agencies I can recommend to create the campaign. I'll lead the strategy development for the campaign